Filed under September 8th, 2010

How to Avoid Unexpected or Hidden Merchant Processing Fees

in ecommerce by Alfred Rose

Here’s the ugly truth: Because there are so many different rates and fees involved in having a merchant account, some businesses end up paying more than they expected.

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Filed under August 17th, 2010

What do you believe is the most important issue your business faces today? [Survey]

in Small Business by Alfred Rose

Take our latest small business survey and see how your response matches up with other business owners.

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Filed under July 29th, 2010

How gift cards can help your small business grow

in Small Business by Alfred Rose

As the Los Angeles Times recently put it, gift cards aren’t just for the big boys anymore. Small businesses are starting to reap the benefits as well.

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Filed under July 8th, 2010

Quality Scores: What is it and how do I improve it?

in marketing by Nicole Schumann

For those of you venturing into Google AdWords territory, you may have noticed that your keywords have a “quality score” attached to them. Quality score is the numerical value that is given to each of the keywords used in your campaign, and is calculated based on several criteria such as 1, 2 and 3.

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Filed under June 30th, 2010

Yahoo! Now Helps You Write Better

in marketing by Alfred Rose

Like other style and usage guides, the Yahoo! Style guide includes a comprehensive word list, which you can reference if you’re not sure how a certain word should be used or spelled (for example, Yahoo! suggests that your write the word “email” as a single word, without a hyphen). It also includes articles on how to improve your writing for the web, editing guidance, and even an Ask an Editor page where you can, well, ask an editor a question on style and usage.

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Filed under June 15th, 2010

Six Tips for Website (and SEO) Success

in How To, web design by Derek Curtis

Everyone can use some advice now and then, from the neophyte to seasoned web veteran. If you’re new to web design, then tips are crucial to your understanding of how things work, how they should be crafted, and how to do things the right way. If you’re already an expert, then tips and advice can [...]

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Filed under June 7th, 2010

3 Tips to Creating a Successful Landing Page

in marketing, web design by Nicole Schumann

When you start diving into the world of advertising, creating landing pages that a customer will be directed to is critical to the success of your conversion rate. The job of the landing page is to give the customer all the information they will need in order to take an action such as purchasing a product or entering their information into a form. Here are three tips to following when designing your next landing page.

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Filed under June 1st, 2010

10 Handy iPhone Apps for Small Business Owners

in Small Business by Alfred Rose

As the App store continues to grow, and applications fight for attention and exposure, it can be increasingly difficult to discover the best apps that might make your life easier, especially productivity-type applications that business owners might find useful.

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Filed under May 27th, 2010

AdWords vs. AdSense: 3 Things You Should Know

in marketing by Nicole Schumann

Once you enter into the world of Internet marketing, there are two words that you will continue to run across over and over again: AdWords and AdSense. Like a lot of people, you might not be completely sure of what they even are, or how they can benefit you. So, to clear the air just a bit, check out three things you should know about each before you make that dive into the Google marketing Space.

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Filed under May 19th, 2010

Why Your Business Should Have a Style Guide

in Small Business, marketing, web design by Alfred Rose

Corporations and large organizations often have their own style guides as well, which helps keep their brand, identity, and message consistent across any number of media

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